Dipanjan MUukherjee Log

Communicating to build Trust

As an organisation grows, the first thing to suffer is communication. You imagine. No, you know that everyone is on the same page until you are told that they aren’t. Priorities do not synchronise and information does not get transmitted as much as you would have hoped. Trust erodes away.

What went wrong? How do you get back that effortless alignment? How do you regain trust?

November, 2017

Reservations in India; Why do we still need them?

An irritated population often asks why, even after 60 years of independence, we need a caste-based reservation system.

April, 2016

Building a fear-free software engineering team, Part II

At TypesetIO we don’t yet have QA engineers. This doesn’t have to mean that we are not focused on quality. Quality Engineers are human and may make mistakes. The same applies for Development Engineers. If it is possible for both to make mistakes, I would rather make those mistakes cost less than trying to ensure that there are no mistakes.

November, 2015

Building a fear-free software engineering team, Part I

I started working with TypesetIO a few weeks ago. We are working on a way to create research papers that let you focus totally on the content while leaving the formatting to us. In my first few weeks, I wanted to setup some basic tools that make us developers more efficient.

October, 2015

Learning to leave the fallen behind

So, we have been working on creating a public facing API. We are working in a market where we expect the users (most of them) of such an API to not have technological expertise or even soundness. As elitist as that may sound, I have personally interacted with a few and can vouch that they are still far behind the crowd that usually consumes any API. It is still a technologically nascent market.

December, 2013

Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead

Imagine you are standing on the shore of an ocean. It is night time and an ever slight breeze is pushing you towards the ocean. You walk, barefooot, on the sand until the cool water brushes lightly over you. Once the tingles subside, you notice a large wave approaching. It comes to you in the shape of an attempt, one that you know will not win you over, but will merely wet your ankles by the time it reaches you. And so it happens. The first wave blows past, making your feet sink in the now melting sand.

December, 2013

On Citizenship and Law

First, let’s examine citizenship in the context of a modern democracy. When one accepts to become a citizen of a state, the underlying contract is that one will abide by the laws of the state, will obey directives instituted by the state and participate in the society like other citizens. This contract isn’t totalitarian. After becoming a citizen, if a piece of legislation or a directive doesn’t comply with the well-being of the state’s people, citizens have every right to protest its existence or ask for it to be changed.

May, 2013

Thoughts on resumés

First, consider this: You are the recruiter. You have got about an hour, to sift through hundreds of resumés to narrow down your selection to a reasonably interview-able number. Barely ten seconds to scan through the document to gather enough information to make a choice: Which pile should he/she go to?

December, 2012

12 Factor Awesomeness for Django apps

The 12Factor app is a collection of design principles, laid down by the good people at Heroku, that help in producing web applications that are easily scalable across Cloud PaaS providers and also tailored to suit developers needs.

August, 2012

Why so beautiful?

I think our instinctive responses, as humans, can usually be explained by their having evolutionary advantages. We react peculiarly to situations and stimuli because our reactions enhance our chances of survival, both as individuals and as species. For example, people find babies cute universally. This makes us protective of our young. Note that finding babies cute is not a rational decision. It is on a subconscious, instinctive level. You don’t decide that the baby is cute; you find that the baby is cute.

January, 2012