Learning to leave the fallen behind

A case for not supporting the older XML messaging system for your new APIs. Sacrificing backwards compatibility for a better tomorrow.

December, 2013

Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead

A brief review of one of the most riveting books I have read so far.

December, 2013

On Citizenship and Law

An exploration of citizenship as a contract and the inherenet obligation on the part of citizenry to abide by the rules, laws and duties prescribed by the state

May, 2013

Thoughts on resumés

A collection of ideas on popular types of resumés I have seen in my peer group and why,l from an information-design perspective, they fall flat and miss the point completely.

December, 2012

12 Factor Awesomeness for Django apps

The perfect 12 Factor app is an elusive mistress to most of us. Here is my take on making it come a bit closer to reality.

August, 2012

Why so beautiful?

A theoretical exploration of evolutionary and psychological reasons justifying why some web-pages look to good to be true and others are simply hard to look at.

January, 2012